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January 26th, 2011

Pickup Tube Videos

If you’ve studied and read pick up advice as long as I have, you’ll know that there are just some things that can’t be explained in words.

They have to be SEEN.

Certain body language, escalating on a girl physically, gestures and positioning, etc.

I can’t believe no one has done this until now, but there’s FINALLY a site that has a WHOLE LIBRARY of videos showing successful guys meeting women in REAL TIME.

Check out the preview video below, and then click on over to PickupTubeand check out the site. They have both free and paid membership options. Trust me when I say this: Go straight to the paid options. Lots of excellent bonus videos and pickup break-downs to maximize your learning!

Click here for more from PickupTube — save yourself hours searching on youtube, only to find sub-par quality stuff.

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January 9th, 2011

Daytime Dating Guide

ls- daytime dating

Have you ever seen a beautiful woman pass you by in the street, sitting across from you on the subway, or even browsing a magazine in the bookstore next to you. You notice something special about her, the way she looks, the way she moves – you’re attracted to her.

And you do absolutely nothing.

Jeremy Soul from LoveSystems has the answer in his Daytime Dating ebook and bonus collection.   I’ve had the opportunity to read this book and listen to the bonus materials, and I can pretty much guarantee you that you’ll learn lots of valuable information – no matter where you are with your current level of “game”.

CLICK HERE to learn more!

“The best out there…”

“Soul’s very good at what he does. He really has perfected the art of Day Game… you can tell from his mastery of the concepts that they are self-developed, and not just inherited and rehashed.

Soul’s Day Game is the best out there and somewhat refreshing for those tired of night game.”

- B.J, New York City

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January 4th, 2011

Alpha Masculinity Program

Stop buying her attention!

Seriously guys, it’s time to MAN UP and stop trying to buy your time with women!  It’s financially and emotionally draining for you, and if the woman isn’t a “gold digger”, it’s emotionally frustrating for her!

CarlosX has a program geared towards helping you fix this problem and a slew more too!  It’s his Alpha Masculinity Program and you even get 30 days free to try it out.

This program will get you calibrated to walk that “thin line” between “nice guy” and the “jerk/bad boy” that women seem to always end up with.  You’ll have nice guy attitude but with an unpredictable “bad boy” side as well.

Here is a sampling of what you’ll find in the program.  I’ve listed just _some_ of what’s included:

1) Module 1: Introduction to Alpha Masculinity
2) Module 2: The Rules of Alpha Masculinity
3) Module 3: The Four Sides of the Alpha Pyramid, On Being an Alpha Man, No More Mr. Nice Guy
4) Module 4: Alpha Man Life Purpose, Alpha Man Life Lessons
5) Module 5: No More Mr. Nice Guy 2: Anxious to Please
6) Module 6: The Laws of Power for Alpha Men, How to Be Cool
7) Module 7: Alpha Rules of Conflict
8  Module 8: Samurai Alpha Man, Alpha Legend of the Alchemist, The Superior Alpha Man
9) BONUS Module 3: Video Seminar: Alpha Sexual Masculinity with Bryan Bayer
10) BONUS Module 4: Video Seminar: Alpha Man Interview – Jeff H.
11) BONUS Module 5: Video Seminar: Zan Perrion – Natural Masculinity
12) BONUS Module 6: Audio Seminar: Grant Adams – 7 Pillars of Masculinity
13) BONUS Module 7: Audio Seminar: Ray Brejcha – The 11 Commitments
14) BONUS Module 8: Audio Seminar: Scot McKay
15) BONUS Module 9: Audio Seminar: 5.0 Interview
16) BONUS 10: The Tao of Masculinity – Dr. Alex
17) BONUS 11: Bad Boy Blueprint – Dean Cortez
18) BONUS Module 1: Video Blitz Session 1: Evan
19) BONUS Module 2: Video BlitzSession 2: Joe
20) …yeah, the list keeps going (Carlos also updates this program, and you get free updates for life!)
Anyway, you want to change your life for the better and it’s about time you stopped procrastinating.  Make a decision NOW to improve you dating/love/sex life and check out the Alpha Masculinity Program today.  It’s not just for single guys either – if you’re married or in a relationship, being the “alpha male” will keep your relationship strong!
CLICK HERE to continue to Carlos’ web site to learn more!
check out this video on the Alpha Masculinity Program.
(plus there is free access to the mini video bootcamp here).
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January 4th, 2011

How to Talk to Women by CarlosX

Are you stuck in getting your conversations with women to go anywhere?

Carlos Xuma has a great program entitled “How to Talk to Women”.  It’s a little bit on the pricey side (just under $100, at the time of this writing) – BUT it’s not just an ebook!

You’re getting an ebook reference manual, PLUS  –10– Video modules, an MP3 audio of bantering and a mind map showing you an easy flow chart of your new communication skills.  (Carlos is even letting you split payments to make it bit easier on the wallet).  But, I’ve reviewed the material and can tell you, it’s well worth the money.  I’ve spent twice as much on twice as less.  Carlos is a great instructor and passes along lots of great information that will have you at a much higher level of communication with women.

Have her excited to hear from you, or have a first date talking nothing but great stuff to all her friends.

CLICK HERE to jump to the How to Talk to Women web site and learn more!

Don’t forget, if you buy the program, come back here and leave a comment with your very own review… you’ll have a chance to win our very own ebook – “After the Opener: Small Talk For Seduction”.

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January 3rd, 2011

Conversation King

conversation king by Rachel Davis

I’m a pretty confident guy, but talking to women I’m attracted to has always given me a headache. I’ll tell you why: it’s impossible to know what the best things to think, say and do are! As I’m sure you already know, women are a strange species and they seem even more confusing and intimidating when you want to pick-up one of them up in a bar or club. I trawled bookstores and the internet for ages trying to find advice on how to talk to women and get them attracted to me and it was only when I found and read Conversation-King that I knew my search was over.

Conversation-King is a guide that specifically teaches men, step-by-step, how to use the art of talking to master the science of sexual attraction. It goes through the whole deal, from the basics, right up to advanced psychological info that I’d never even heard of before, let alone tried using on a girl!

You get instant, downloadable access to the full guide once you’ve bought, which was perfect for me. I read the first 3 chapters the evening I got it and actually used a few of the techniques I learnt that night when I was out with a few buddies of mine. Without even getting halfway through the book I was already able to get a girl’s number that I liked. That right there is the reason I recommend it so highly – it’s a no-nonsense guide to TALKING to girls – and talking is what girls LOVE. Simple as that… check it out!

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