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January 6th, 2011

I Can’t Help You!

a very angry child

angry angry child courtesy of mdanys (flickr)

I’m not normally one to turn away good business – but some times you just know it’s not going to be good.

Earlier today, I went to an appointment – I had been contacted by the mother of a 21 year old “boy”.  She did a good job of explaining things on the phone prior to me visiting with her and her son – doesn’t have a girlfriend, never had one yet, has social anxiety problems, minimal friends and so on.

Sure, I can work with him, I say – I would recommend him on my mentoring program and help him build up his social skills (he’s a video game junkie that has no job and no friends – what I call the “zombification of the real world”) and proceed into dating from there.  I’ve helped lots of other guys get through similar situations.

Well, it turns out this 21 year old “boy” – is just that – a boy.  And not just that, but one that is very angry with everyone around him – about everything that is “wrong” in his life.    Everyone else is to blame for his life that sucks.  His mom (single parent) and his grandma.  The girl across the street who won’t date him – just says “let’s be friends”.  It’s everyone else’s problem – except for his.

Let’s see here.  Twenty-One years old, no job,  and a complete lack of social skills.  To top it off, he takes absolutely no responsibility for himself around his mom’s house (where he lives, and leeches off her).  Mom does all the work, all the cleaning, all the stuff.  He plays games and complains non-stop.

Sorry, but I draw the line here.  You have to do some of this stuff on your own.  You can’t be angry with anyone but yourself for how your life is right now.  If you have a problem, you have to want to change and you have to take responsibility for that change and a responsibility for your own life.

From my “old school” way of thinking – “Man Up!“.

If you’re of adult age, you need to be responsible for your own actions and your own life.   Blaming everyone else for your problems is NOT attractive.  It never will be attractive, it will always be a turn off – and not just for women either.  It is a turn off for everyone around you.  Being responsible doesn’t mean giving up on being fun.  Being responsible is a part of being a man.  A man that demonstrates attractiveness and social strength.

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January 4th, 2011

Spotting a Virgin Guy…

A sure sign you're not comfortable with women... "Hover Hand"!

There is a great series of pictures on the web site “” such as the one to the left here that demonstrate a very “beta” trait of a lot of guys out there – “Hover Hand”. (Thanks goes out to my buddy RooshV from “Bang! More Lays in 60 Days” for telling me about the site).

Sure, you maybe don’t know these girls, but what are you so afraid of?

If she’s touching you, grab her around the waist and pull her close!    One of the key things  we tell guys is “assume knowing” — you’re being about as cold and distant and “uninterested” as a guy can be — so if you’re up close and talking to a woman in a situation like this, grab her buy the waist and give her a gentle squeeze.    Pull her in a bit close and take the opportunity to whisper something in her ear (just don’t be creepy doing it).

Being comfortable around women is a must have trait if you’re going to learn to seduce women – even if it’s just a single quality relationship you’re after instead of the “pickup artist” lifestyle.  And if you’re after the pickup artist lifestyle – you definitely need to be comfortable touching women!

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January 4th, 2011

Alpha Masculinity Program

Stop buying her attention!

Seriously guys, it’s time to MAN UP and stop trying to buy your time with women!  It’s financially and emotionally draining for you, and if the woman isn’t a “gold digger”, it’s emotionally frustrating for her!

CarlosX has a program geared towards helping you fix this problem and a slew more too!  It’s his Alpha Masculinity Program and you even get 30 days free to try it out.

This program will get you calibrated to walk that “thin line” between “nice guy” and the “jerk/bad boy” that women seem to always end up with.  You’ll have nice guy attitude but with an unpredictable “bad boy” side as well.

Here is a sampling of what you’ll find in the program.  I’ve listed just _some_ of what’s included:

1) Module 1: Introduction to Alpha Masculinity
2) Module 2: The Rules of Alpha Masculinity
3) Module 3: The Four Sides of the Alpha Pyramid, On Being an Alpha Man, No More Mr. Nice Guy
4) Module 4: Alpha Man Life Purpose, Alpha Man Life Lessons
5) Module 5: No More Mr. Nice Guy 2: Anxious to Please
6) Module 6: The Laws of Power for Alpha Men, How to Be Cool
7) Module 7: Alpha Rules of Conflict
8  Module 8: Samurai Alpha Man, Alpha Legend of the Alchemist, The Superior Alpha Man
9) BONUS Module 3: Video Seminar: Alpha Sexual Masculinity with Bryan Bayer
10) BONUS Module 4: Video Seminar: Alpha Man Interview – Jeff H.
11) BONUS Module 5: Video Seminar: Zan Perrion – Natural Masculinity
12) BONUS Module 6: Audio Seminar: Grant Adams – 7 Pillars of Masculinity
13) BONUS Module 7: Audio Seminar: Ray Brejcha – The 11 Commitments
14) BONUS Module 8: Audio Seminar: Scot McKay
15) BONUS Module 9: Audio Seminar: 5.0 Interview
16) BONUS 10: The Tao of Masculinity – Dr. Alex
17) BONUS 11: Bad Boy Blueprint – Dean Cortez
18) BONUS Module 1: Video Blitz Session 1: Evan
19) BONUS Module 2: Video BlitzSession 2: Joe
20) …yeah, the list keeps going (Carlos also updates this program, and you get free updates for life!)
Anyway, you want to change your life for the better and it’s about time you stopped procrastinating.  Make a decision NOW to improve you dating/love/sex life and check out the Alpha Masculinity Program today.  It’s not just for single guys either – if you’re married or in a relationship, being the “alpha male” will keep your relationship strong!
CLICK HERE to continue to Carlos’ web site to learn more!
check out this video on the Alpha Masculinity Program.
(plus there is free access to the mini video bootcamp here).
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