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January 2nd, 2011

Be Stylish – Men’s Fashion Advice

Tweak your Style!

Let’s face it: girls like guys who wear cool clothes.


Because their outfits communicate something about them even before they open their mouth.

Ever since I found out that women are attracted mainly by personality, I was thrilled. But, when I found out the second thing they’re attracted to is style, I was in awe.

Picture this: you’re at a social gathering and you see the hottest woman there. You want to talk to her. You know you have it. You know your inner game is perfect and that she could LOVE you if she got to know you. But she walks by and she doesn’t even look at you. She passes by and doesn’t even notice you! Instead, she winks at some huge football player sitting next to you.

Let me share a secret: I know how it feels to be both the geek and the handsome guy. Let me tell you: you’re gonna make your life a LOT easier if you wear stylish clothes and take care of personal grooming. If you’ve never been picked up by a woman before then.. it had to do with the way you looked.

Women are not a bunch of robots that respond to cocky-and-funny routines! They look at how handsome the guy is and, based on that initial impression, they have an emotional response that determines how they react to what he has to say. So first impressions DO matter and, all you need to do is learn how to dress stylish.

Be Stylish! What Every Man Needs to Know about How to Look Good is the only book out there that teaches men how to dress for attraction. It takes you through all the basics: shirts, polo shirts, pants, shoes, accessories and, of course, suits. One of the coolest things about this book is that it talks a whole lot about accessories., which are men’s style’s secret weapon when it comes to meeting women.

I won’t tell you more, I’ll leave you with the link to the description page:

Be Stylish! What Every Man Needs to Know about How to Look Good

Give me your feedback after you read it, I think this could be the next breakthrough when it comes to meeting women!

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