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January 28th, 2011

Top Three Places to Meet Women During the Day

One of the great advantages of meeting women outside bars and clubs is the wide range of places you can meet women. At night you’re limited to bars, lounges, and clubs. In the daytime you can meet women anywhere like coffee shops, theme parks, grocery stores, and so on.

Another great thing about daytime environments is that you can expect certain women to be at a certain place. If you meet someone in a book store, you are almost certain that she is someone who likes to read. If you meet a girl in an art gallery, good chance she is creative and likes art. A night club or bar is kind of a mixed bag. You never know what kind of women you run into.

Jeremy Soul, who is widely regarded as the top expert at day game, has released his new book “Daytime Dating” which is all about how you can meet women in outside bars and clubs. Here are his 3 favorite places to meet women outside bars and clubs.

Shopping streets
There are always beautiful women walking down the busy shopping streets and there is a constant stream of women coming in and out. Unlike what most people think, stopping a woman on the street and starting a conversation is actually easy with some practice. In Daytime Dating you can read how to exactly stop a woman on the street, because there are some subtle techniques explained to stop a woman from walking and making her listen to what you have to say.

Shopping Malls
Malls are great because they are indoors so they are usually crowded all four seasons. Plus there are a lot of shops in one area and malls usually has a food court. You can meet a lot of women who are normally working in stores, but on the food court you can catch them off guard when they are not working. There are more challenges in malls because most women there tend to be in groups, but in Daytime Dating you can find specific tips and techniques to handle groups in daytime environments. It is actually easier than you think.

Coffee shops
You won’t find that many women in a coffee shop compared to a bar or club, but occasionally you will run into women you want to get to know. Most of the time women are by themselves and another great advantage is that most of them are seated. Which means they are not going anywhere soon and you have more time to have a good conversation. Let’s not forget that women seated by themselves are secretly waiting to be approached. If she wanted to read a book, she could do that home….

daytime dating guide

If you are interested in meet women outside bars and clubs, you’re in luck. Love Systems, the premier dating company, has released Daytime Dating which teaches you simple steps to meeting and attracting women you meet in daytime environments. Authored by Jeremy Soul, widely regarded as the expert on day game, you will discover a system you can use right away to start conversations with women in streets, malls, coffee shops, and more places. Check it out here.

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January 9th, 2011

Daytime Dating Guide

ls- daytime dating

Have you ever seen a beautiful woman pass you by in the street, sitting across from you on the subway, or even browsing a magazine in the bookstore next to you. You notice something special about her, the way she looks, the way she moves – you’re attracted to her.

And you do absolutely nothing.

Jeremy Soul from LoveSystems has the answer in his Daytime Dating ebook and bonus collection.   I’ve had the opportunity to read this book and listen to the bonus materials, and I can pretty much guarantee you that you’ll learn lots of valuable information – no matter where you are with your current level of “game”.

CLICK HERE to learn more!

“The best out there…”

“Soul’s very good at what he does. He really has perfected the art of Day Game… you can tell from his mastery of the concepts that they are self-developed, and not just inherited and rehashed.

Soul’s Day Game is the best out there and somewhat refreshing for those tired of night game.”

- B.J, New York City

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