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December 2nd, 2010

The 5 Biggest Mistakes

The 5 biggest mistakes you are making with women are probably not what you are going to expect.

In fact, these mistakes are probably the very things you thought you were doing right with women. That’s because at first, traditional dating advice seems pretty legit. For example, they say you need to be interesting. Women want a man with a sense of humor. Make fun of her to show you aren’t affected by her beauty. Touch her a lot.
It just seems to makes sense…. But therein lies the problem.
Nowadays, things like “be social and touch her” is average dating advice. In other words, this is the stuff every guy is doing. I mean what guy isn’t out trying to be social, teasing women and touching them a lot. It’s become common place.
You don’t stand out. You are boring her.
However, when we look at the stuff that really works – the under the radar tactics that get women sexual attracted to you in seconds – we find that they are the complete opposite of what we “think” we should be doing.

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