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October 10th, 2010

Online Practice!

You need practice with all this material — and online practice gives you the opportunity to test out a wide variety of “pickup techniques” – that yes, work very much the same online as they do in real life!

Click on the banner for FriendFinder and sign up … then find a few local women to try out various techniques on … some great material to use is from Double Your Dating , and Facebook Pickup Secrets.

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May 20th, 2010

Facebook Pickup Secrets…

pickup women using facebook

The Facebook Pickup Method

Is PlentyOfFish and other FREE dating sites effective for picking up HOT girls?

You’ve probably given it a shot before… you’ve messaged that hot chick on Plenty of Fish…

And sure, maybe you’ve even gotten a reply or two…

Then you decide to go in for the kill!  You ask her for the phone number or coffee date and WHAM! What happens?  Absolutely nothing.  She flakes.  She dances around your request and maybe she’ll even throw in the, “well, maybe we should get to know each other first before we go any further!”

Girls flake out all the time… they do this for several reasons…

1.) You’re too creepy.  Yes, it’s the common problem… but what does being “creepy” actually mean?  For her, it’s a SAFETY CONCERN.  Human beings are naturally hard-wired to fear the unknown.  In order for her to think that you’re NOT creepy, you need to reveal information.  The more useful information she knows about you, the less creepy you’ll look.

What’s the easiest way to do this?  You need to have really good phone conversation skills.  When you learn how to build trust and attraction through the phone, she will most definitely want to go out on that date with you.

Here’s another reason why she might flake out on you…

2.) Fear of awkwardness.  Many women also fear social awkward silence/conversation.  Nobody likes this.  Nothing is worse for her than to go through the hassle of putting up makeup, making room in her schedule for a date, only for her to sit at a coffee table in silence with some guy she barely knows.

You need to know the tools to break down this barrier and diffuse the situation!

She also might flake because…

3.) She’s just too busy, period.  You need to know WHEN to ask a girl out for a coffee date.

4.) You haven’t shown much value.  You essentially need to show her that you are of HIGH value… and this is EASY but only if you know what you’re doing!

And that’s only the half of it.  There are certain techniques and strategies that YOU can use to get those girls to STOP being flakey!

Read here about how I learned how to get those flakey girls into bed with me… you can do it too…

CLICK HERE to jump to the full online dating course … or CLICK HERE to download the free facebook pickup report!

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